Reading and Phonics

Developing a love of reading is the single most powerful attribute that can make a difference to our children’s future attainment. From Foundation Stage right up to Year 6, the children at Sir Thomas Abney are encouraged to develop an enjoyment of reading and books.


Mathematics is a key life-skill; essential to success in later life. The acquiring of this skill should be a journey of challenge and enjoyment.


At Sir Thomas Abney we recognise that English skills are essential to attainment in school and opportunities throughout life. We teach English skills through a carefully selected range of high quality children’s literature using the Power of Reading scheme.


Children are naturally curious and here at Sir Thomas Abney we strive to nurture this curiosity.  We aim to make science interesting, practical and challenging to promote and encourage each child’s curiosity and investigative skills.


Here at Sir Thomas Abney we teach the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) which include subjects such as science, history, geography, design, technology, art and society. The IPC is an exciting program which gets pupils involved in learning through a topic or an idea.


The development of Information and Communications Technology is changing both in the home and in the community and pervades every aspect of our lives.