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We recognise that parents and carers have a great deal to offer our school community and we warmly encourage you to get actively involved with school life at Sir Thomas Abney.
Parent and carer volunteers can get involved in different ways, for example by:

  • Helping in the classroom
  • Assisting staff on visits and activities
  • that take place away from school
  • Helping to plan, and assist at events (performances, concerts, bake sales, school fairs etc.)
  • Fund-raising
  • Becoming a parent governor
  • Running after-school clubs

If you have time and skills you feel you can offer the school as a volunteer please have a chat with your child’s classroom teacher. You can also join the Friends of Sir Thomas Abney who meet regularly (in an informal and friendly setting) and

give valuable support to the school. If you are interested in becoming a governor please look out for parent governor elections (you will receive a letter to let you when they are due to take place).

Volunteering at school benefits your children and the whole school. It also shows your children the importance of participating in the community and affirms your interest in their development. Volunteering at school is rewarding – you can gain firsthand understanding of your child’s daily activities, be involved closely with your child’s education and development, gain valuable experience and get to know staff and other parents better.

If you would like to get involved, you can download more information here which explains volunteering in more detail.
Parents and carers will need to be aware that in order to work in schools, a number of checks have to be carried out, including safeguarding checks.

cartoon of a volunteer and childParent & Carers Volunteers: What to expect...