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Parents and Carers

Parents and Carers

Working Together

stamaths2At Sir Thomas Abney we believe that  good links between you and the school improves your child’s enjoyment and chances of doing well. The more you know about what your child is learning, the more you can offer support. We try hard to keep you informed about how and what your child is learning and and about  his/her individual progress. We do this by having regular parents’ open days, providing termly curriculum overviews and a yearly report. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to discuss your child’s progress.

Similarly, we are best able to support your child’s learning and progress if you keep us informed about anything that may affect their learning such as illness or difficulties at home.

We encourage families to learn together by offering workshops and activities that involve parents and carers working with their children at school. Learning together supports children and involves parents and carers in their child’s education and interests. Look out for information about future opportunities to work with your children at school in the newsletters.

We like to hear views and feedback from parents and carers and we are pleased that the response and results of a recent questionnaire were very positive. For the school’s most recent Parent/Carer Questionnaire please Click Here

The School Day


Registration Morning 8.50am  Finish 11.50pm
Registration Afternoon 12.20pm Finish 3.20pm

Reception Classes

Registration 8.55am
Morning Break 10.30 – 10.45am
Lunch 12.00 – 1.15pm
Finish 3.15pm

Year 1 and 2

Registration 8.55am
Morning Break 11.00 – 11.15am
Lunch 12.15 – 1.15pm
Afternoon Break 2.30 – 2.45pm
Finish 3.15pm

Year 3 – 6

Registration 8.55am
Morning Break 11.00 – 11.15am
Lunch 12.15 – 1.15pm
Finish 3.15pm


It is very important that all children arrive at school on time. Children who arrive late disrupt the learning of their classmates and miss important teaching sessions at the beginning of the day. Children must be ready to go into their classrooms at 8.55am each morning.

If children are late they must collect a late slip from the infant foyer before joining their class. This ensures all children are registered.

Please also make sure that your child is collected promptly from school at 3.15 pm. At 3.25 pm we will take any remaining children to the school office where they will be signed into the ‘Late Book’ and you will be contacted to arrange collection.

If your child is ill and unable to attend school you must telephone the school office on the first morning of their absence. Permission will not be given for absence due to a family holiday.

Pupils who are frequently late or absent are referred to the Educational Welfare Service.


We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school, where we celebrate diversity and difference and acknowledge the richness that this brings to our school community. We aim to provide opportunities for all children to access a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, regardless of age, attainment, ethnicity, language or background that is personalised to meet children’s individual needs.

We want our school to be a safe place where everyone is aware of what is expected of them.

At Sir Thomas Abney we expect a high standard of behaviour from all children, staff and parents. We believe that teachers should spend their time teaching and that children should spend their time learning and developing.

The school rules apply all day every day and in every situation-including the playground and school visits. All staff will use the school rules in as consistent a way as possible. This is to ensure the aims of the school are met.

The aims of the school are:

  • To promote and achieve high academic standards
  • To foster and give opportunities for physical, social and emotional growth.
  • This includes teaching children to be confident, self-motivated and self disciplined.
  • To develop caring young citizens who know right from wrong and who are able to make a positive contribution to society.

Children are expected to:

  • Attend school regularly and on time.
  • Co-operate with everyone in the school.
  • Be polite and courteous to everyone.
  • Have care and respect for each other and their environment.
  • Solve problems in a calm manner.
  • Accept responsibility for their own actions and to accept reprimands and consequences.
  • Respect each others differences with regard to ability, culture, religion, race, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Treat the school’s and other people’s property with respect.

Parents and Carers can support the school and their children’s achievements by:

  • Supporting the school in achieving the highest standards of behaviour from the children.
  • Behaving in a way that sets a positive example to children.
  • Valuing and celebrating their children’s achievements.
  • Ensuring that children attend school every day and that they are on time for the start of school at 8.55am.
  • Ensuring that you can be easily contacted throughout the school day.
  • Discussing any problems with class teacher, deputy or the Headteacher in a calm, quiet manner.
  • Discussing issues with their children, other parents and pupils in a calm, quiet manner whilst on school premises.
  • Ensuring that your child is taught by you to respect each others differences with regard to ability, culture, religion, race, gender and sexual orientation.

To find out more about the the kind of behaviour we expect at all times, a set of rules, examples of rewards children can expect for following them and a series of consequences that will happen if children do not follow them, you can download the Behaviour Policy from this site.

The Home School Agreement

Parents/Carers will:

  • Ensure that their child has the best attendance record possible
  • Ensure that their child is equipped for school with the correct uniform and PE kit
  • Do their best to keep their child healthy and fit to attend school
  • Inform school if there are matters outside of school that are likely to affect a child’s performance or behaviour at school
  • Model the positive behaviour and positive attitudes expected of their child
  •  Attend Parents’ evening and other meetings to discuss my child
  • Support school events
  • Ensure that holidays are not taken during term time

The school will:

  • Encourage children to do their best at all times
  • Inform Parents/Carers about what their children will be learning each term and about their progress
  • Encourage children to take care of their surroundings and others around them
  • Keep Parents informed about School activities through regular letters home, newsletters and notices about special events
  • Provide a safe, stimulating environment for all

Children will:

  • Always do their best
  • Be kind, polite and helpful to others
  • Look after the school
  • Come to school regularly and on time

Together we will:

  • Support learning and help each other achieve our best
Parent/Carer Curriculum Outlines

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