Saying Goodbye to Year 6

Year 6 are in their last full week at Sir Thomas Abney.  Since SATs, we have been busy with our show and getting ready for transfer to secondary school.  Our transition workshop  helped children to prepare for the  change and most have now had their transition day at their new school.  Some of Year 6 spent a day at the headquarters of  UBS in the City of London, where they learnt all about jobs in the financial sector and how to come across well in an interview – skills that will serve them very well in the future.  Next week, after the show, we have Leavers Lunch to look forward to followed by a special assembly to celebrate their time at the school. Amongst the excitement about moving on, there are bound to be mixed emotions and we always have boxes of tissues ready for the last day.  We would like to wish good luck to all our year 6 children in their future schools.